Drunk Disney #12 is out NOW and the movie is TANGLED! The Folks drink whenever Rapunzel’s hair would’ve gotten torn or dirty in real life, and discuss the various tiny plotholes in the movie (how can Rapunzel know baby talk if she’s never seen a baby?!)

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We love you all!

Get reblogging, my wonderful Drunk Disney fans! This one was a lot of fun because Tangled is such an awesome character and I’m kind of Flynn Rider. I’ll even be him for Halloween. Can’t wait.

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stitch     dumbo    lumpy roo        piglet     eeyorepooh      tigger     mickeyminnie   donald     pinocchio
stitch     dumbo    lumpy 
roo piglet eeyore
pooh tigger mickey
minnie donald pinocchio


i recorded a video talking about the things i bought at the bookstore the other day

i’m a dork



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I’m doing fine. You’re just okay?